best payroll solutions for small businesses

Fortunately, mistakes and setbacks can be avoided with the use of payroll software. Furthermore, 58% of accountants get help from AI embedded in solutions to automate various accounting tasks and improve overall accounting efficiency. While it sounds like such a feature can only be available in high-end platforms, even payroll applications for small businesses have it.

best payroll solutions for small businesses

Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. For more small business tools, see our lists of the best small business accounting software and the best CRM software. After you approve a payroll, your payroll service can generate additional tables or reports with the details of the pay run.

QuickBooks Payroll is the best payroll for QuickBooks users

At a basic level, payroll software provides you with the tools to run payroll automatically. Running payroll accurately and on time is key to running your business smoothly. A service provided by a ‘payroll bureau’ and a helping hand for businesses that want to retain some control of the process. Imagine you’re happy to continue paying your staff, but you’d like a bit of help when it comes to filing documents at the end of the tax year. A payroll bureau offers you that kind of flexibility – and at a bargain price compared to a fully managed option.

best payroll solutions for small businesses

This plan includes additional cash flow forecasting, helps you to run advanced reports, and manage your purchase invoices. You will also ensure that your payroll data is completely accurate and reliable, complying with the ever-changing regulations that businesses must abide by. In addition, your employees will always receive their correct wages and will always be paid on time. However, which payroll companies offer the best available service and is cloud-based payroll software available? Read on as we explore the best payroll companies for you and your business, currently available in the UK. MHR offers a highly detailed reporting platform, educational material, and accredited expert payroll advice.

Clear Books: best for micro businesses that want flexible payment plans

Payroll providers take care of your business’s payroll obligations, offering a complete payroll service for a fee. Typically, you will pay a fee per employee per month, and the payroll company will process all necessary payroll duties. You can customise Xero’s payroll software, which is directly integrated into the Xero accounting software, if you want both payroll services and accounts all in one place. There are payroll services and HR solutions for businesses of every since, from small to global.

best payroll solutions for small businesses

Other providers, including Xero, require you to post an unscheduled pay run to correct the mistake quickly, and file it with STP. If you’re still unsure and on the hunt for a payroll platform, you can use our free quote-comparison tool to find providers suited to your business. Through it, you’ll be matched with trusted providers and they’ll then contact you with bespoke quotes. So to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your business it’s important you compare quotes from multiple providers. Generally, the fewer employees, the higher your per person payroll costs will be. Iris Staffology ensures your business complies with legislation around Automatic Enrolment, making sure you stay compliant.

Best for Hourly Workers, Square POS Users

There is a free plan available with IRIS, but it is only suitable for up to three employees. Below, we’ll guide you through all of the options available on the market to make sure you find the best one for your unique needs. We’ll provide insights into the differences between them all to help you find the best match for your business needs. Still, if you want to handle contractor payroll alongside in-house employee payroll, Moneysoft is a good choice. If you have a business bank account through Ulster Bank NI, Royal Bank of Scotland or NatWest, you can get FreeAgent completely free as long as you make at least one transaction per month. Rippling’s customers essentially build their own packages from scratch, choosing which modules they want and opting out of those they don’t.

  • Sage offers a number of HR software tools for businesses of all sizes, and is set up to grow with you.
  • Launched in 2012 as ZenPayroll, Gusto’s automatic payroll solution currently serves more than 300,000 businesses.
  • It offers an alternative to Paychex Flex for businesses that require a full-service solution with HR features.
  • OnPay serves both general businesses and specialized ones, such as professional services, medical offices, and farming.
  • Some banks may have minimum requirements, either for the initial opening deposit or an ongoing minimum balance — and sometimes both.

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Gusto’s average online rating on third-party review sites like G2 and Capterra is 4.3 out of 5 (as of this writing). Many reviewers like its user-friendly interface and efficient payroll tools that make paying employees easy for them. Several users said that its customer representatives are helpful, while others complained about the long wait times contacting support. If you have a dedicated person or team for processing payroll, you will likely be able to manage with a DIY payroll solution, which could be cheaper. Otherwise, you should consider investing in an outsourced payroll service even if it is more expensive.