Retail investors dive into global stock market party

Long-term investors may still be licking their wounds as stocks recover from the vertiginous coronavirus slump earlier this year, but it provided an incredible buying opportunity and retail investors have piled into rebounding markets even as experts warn against believing it is a sure bet…

Streamed Live  By Aditya Joshi

6th May 2020, 5 PM

Episode 34 – How precise knowledge always endows one with the evil related to investing

Watch this episode of Swatantra TV Series to know of how precise knowledge always endows one with the evil related to investing. Witness an engaging session Mr. Bhagwandas Sarvaiya and Mr. Aditya Joshi with our host Ms. Faye D’souza.

ELSS Savings

Watch: Why are ELSS savings schemes irresistible to a long-term tax saver?

मार्केट स्थानिक गुंतवणूकदारांचं!

निश्चलीकरणानंतर मार्केट खाली जाईल या अपेक्षेने अनेक परदेशी कंपन्यांनी विक्री केली आणि म्युच्युअल फंड्स आणि विमा कंपन्यांनी त्याहून अधिक प्रमाणात खरेदी करून मार्केटला वरच्या स्तरावर नेऊन ठेवलं.


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