So what i guess is, you terminate the contracts before mining will be fully profitable again in August when the SEC accepts ETF´s. The community reaction has so far been overwhelmingly negative. Some users who joined the service just recently and stand to suffer the most loses have claimed that they are trying to perform a chargeback with their banks. Others are stating that they considering filing law suits against the Estonia-based company, but it’s too soon to tell whether or not anyone will proceed with legal action. For the purpose of this review, I’ll focus only on Bitcoin cloud mining, but the same process can be applied to any other mining algorithm. Cloud mining is the process of “mining from afar”; Instead of buying a Bitcoin miner, storing it, configuring it, and cooling it , you “rent” a miner and have someone run it for you.

how to accept litecoin payments with hashflare

With this announcement, it is our guess that the community has likely lost all trust in Hashflare. The companies main competitor, Genesis Mining, appears to still be paying out and has not made any statement so far on Hashflare’s actions. The alternative, hodling, makes a lot more sense in my opinion.

To avoid all that, you may invest in companies like that offer you services for a small investment. The investment is relatively just a fraction of what would cost you to buy the complete equipment. Hashcoin runs a GPU equipment which provides algorithms such as X11, Equihash, Ethash, SHA256, and Scrypt. The contracts time starts from 24 hours up to a lifetime except for Zcash and Ethereum which have contracts that can only be maximized in one year. This means that the client can use HashFlare services for as long as they would wish since there is no time limit that is applied.

There is also an overwhelming appreciation for the way the support team handles the clients’ problems diligently and quickly. The servers are located in Europe and in the US, but the exact location is not provided. Although there is a lot of details about cryptocurrencies and mining on the website, unfortunately, they do not disclose the identity of their owners or any specific details about the mining farm. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

Hashflare Cloud Mining Description

In exchange, they receive a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. It is a smart way to get digital currency which allows thousands of people to participate in this process. how to accept litecoin payments Pricing Schedule is monthly, and they are second largest cloud mining service in the world. They only charge a small maintenance fee, which is around $0.03/GH/month.

Seems pretty profitable – I’ll probably break even within five to six months. The most efficient miner today for mining Bitcoin is the Antminer S9 (true for mid 2018, today there’s the Antminer S19). Cryptocurrency cloud mining has become a prevalent tool for receiving additional income since the beginning of 2016. His passions include open source code, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, economics, geopolitics and decentralized applications.

Overview Of Nicehash Mining Service

Different miners with servers around the world are combined into one pool. Then the pool is boosted with their hashing power and then they rent out the services for cloud mining. The users can then sell or buy the hashpower developed by NiceHash in the market. Albeit there are many considerations that could point to malice, none of them look indisputable.

Hash Rate is the speed at which the computer utilizes its computing power, to solve a Bitcoin block. Every block in Bitcoin has several transaction entries that have to be verified by the miners, such that they can be added to the ledger. The miners get a block to solve, and whoever is the first one to solve it, gets a reward in Bitcoins.

  • Both providers have long-term and short-term contracts depending on the returns one expects to make after a given period of time.
  • This actually makes sense because if you bought just the miner, you’d have additional expenses on electricity, cooling, and storage.
  • Additionally, the first week of the month saw the Bitcoin network’s hashrate drop massively as a result of heavy floods in the Sichuan province of China, home to a dense conglomeration of mining rigs.
  • Perhaps a different coin/algorithm will yield better results – you can use the same process I did for Bitcoin on any other crypto HashFlare offers and see for yourself.
  • Thus, Hashflare has become the leading platform for cloud mining.

The merger between HashFlare and Hashcoin ensured that there was continuity of development of new Blockchain technology that is in lieu of up to date hardware. The data centers are located in modern, hi-tech facility where moisture and temperature are closely monitored ensuring that there is maximum capacity for hashpower and limited overheating. One of the main differences NiceHash vs HashFlare that in only accepts Bitcoin, while the last one has a variety of payment methods. All the other cryptocurrencies are converted into Bitcoin using Shape Shift. The providers use the PPS method of payment to ensure that all the clients with valid shares receive their payments.

Services Provided is one of the few websites that have high trust ratio because of the transparency of their operations and clear indication of the prices. They also share photos of their datacentres, which are solid proofs of their existence and mining power. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Additionally, the first week of the month saw the Bitcoin network’s hashrate drop massively as a result of heavy floods in the Sichuan province of China, home to a dense conglomeration of mining rigs.

how to accept litecoin payments with hashflare

According to the email, all current SHA-256 bitcoin mining contracts will be terminated today, July 20. Most users are finding themselves in dilemma, when they make such acloud mining comparison. The clients should compare cloud mining benefits between the two providers so that they can make an informed decision. Both providers have long-term and short-term contracts depending on the returns one expects to make after a given period of time. NiceHash is more complicated in the services it offers in the mining market.

A student of Austrian Economics, Draupnir found Bitcoin in 2012 and has been a hodler and evangelist ever since. For those who currently have a balance on Hashflare, it appears that the previous withdrawal minimums of 0.02 BTC have been removed. However, the site is currently imposing a 0.01 BTC maximum daily withdrawal, which is around $75 at today’s prices.

Cloud mining is a process, in which you pay a small amount to a company that is sitting in a land far away from yours (that is why the name ‘cloud’, because it is offering you devices on sharing basis). You do not need to purchase or invest in hardware, but you may pay whatever amount you want to, in return, you will get the set amount, of cryptocurrencies mined for you. Estonian service HashFlare was founded in 2014 but began operating in 2015.

Coincidentally, those who held lifetime contracts before September 2017 can derive some satisfaction from the fact that, in the wake of the recent debacle, their losses were modest. Since the yearly contracts that relaunched 11 months ago were set to expire late August, these customers are only losing a month’s worth of shares of their yearly investment in hashing power. Compared to them, people who jumped in during the year are suffering a greater degree of damage, with the most recent investors finding themselves in the worst-case scenario. Today’s announcement comes several months after Hashflare suddenly changed all pre-existing bitcoin mining contracts from being “lifetime” to one-year. That sudden change in policy which the company again justified via its contractual terms caused support for the company to plummet.

Supraoracles Goes Live On Ethereum, Polygon, Aptos And Four Other L1 Blockchain Testnets

Cloud mining allows you receiving an additional income from the comfort of your home. Thus, Hashflare has become the leading platform for cloud mining. The coins that Hashflare supports are – Bitcoin, ZCash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. For all these cryptocurrencies, they use high-powered hardware and sophisticated machinery to ensure that maximum coins are mined, and the money of the investors is spent on maintenance of that hardware.

Hashflare is one of those popular platforms which thousands of miners already trust. Initially, they were offering hosted cryptocurrency scooping contracts, by the end of 2014, but by mid-2015 HashCoins launched their own venture that they named ‘Hashflare’. While some users reported they were able to initiate the chargeback process for HashFlare payments with their credit card issuers, the less lucky ones said they were considering a class action lawsuit. The operator is based in Estonia, so strict European consumer protection laws could be potentially applicable to the case. However, some observers surveyed by Blockonomi noted that, by the time the claim makes it to court, the defendant could cease to exist or fight back by exposing the users’ personal data.

how to accept litecoin payments with hashflare

I’m not as deterred by the bad reviews as I am by the simple math that just makes it seem impossible to actually profit with HashFlare. It seems like there’s a wide array of negative reviews about the company. Additionally, review site TrustPilot states that their customised software has discovered a large number of fake positive reviews on HashFlare and it has since removed them. While I have my mind made up about HashFlare, I make a habit of cross-checking with additional online reviews. However, since HashFlare has a referral program (i.e. you get paid for every customer you bring onboard), reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

It can be used to get a certain percentage of discounts on purchasing various types of hash rate. The newest information about all available promo codes is always accessible at Therefore, before buying a hash rate at Hashflare, you would better find out whether any promo codes for this offer are available. Against such a backdrop, the lack of trust in service providers might become a deal-breaker.

What Is Hashflare Mining?

This maintenance fee goes into servicing of their hardware. Price of Hashflare is competitive and lower than what you might need to invest in hardware equipment. For $100 investment, you will receive 455 GH/s power, which will enable you to earn somewhere around $13 per month! If you want to mine alt-coins, let’s say – Litecoin, for $100, you will get 24MH/s power, which will get you somewhere around $18 per month income. You can choose the currency you want to mine and get started almost instantaneously. To process cryptocurrency excavating, it is important to understand Hash Rate.

Hashflare History

HashFlare is a cloud mining company that used to supply various mining contracts. This review breaks down the math, in order to prove that cloud mining with HashFlare isn’t a wise investment. To get a profit from mining various cryptocurrencies, it is not necessary for you to understand how it works. In simple words, mining farms use high-technological equipment to solve mathematics problems.


For users that previously had lifetime contracts, they will only be losing about a months worth of potential mining income as that change occurred 11-months ago. But for those that joined just recently, they stand to lose as much as a year of mining profits. It’s also quite likely that cloud mining itself will take a hit and fewer users will be willing to invest in it as a result of the collapse of Hashflare. Pros of hiring a cloud-mining service are that you do not need to spend on hardware equipment. The only cons are – trust issues, which are not prominent in Hashflare situation.

This actually makes sense because if you bought just the miner, you’d have additional expenses on electricity, cooling, and storage. However, the actual miner doesn’t charge anything after a year, and HashFlare does. The company itself, Hashflare LP, was registered in the United Kingdom in late 2015.

Learn everything you need to know about Bitcoin in just 7 days. The Contract Term for Cloud Machines is unlimited by default, unless stated otherwise. The Contract is valid while profitable, until expired or until terminated , whichever comes first.

But with the outbreak of the recent scandal around the cloud mining platform HashFlare, this option might also soon be off the table. For many people, this type of getting a profit has even become a primary method of earnings. However, only a few of them are reliable, legit, and profitable ones.